More Web Development

As the CODVID-19 lockdown continues, I've continued doing more web development tinkering.

I've filled in some gaps in PDBlog's features. I can now login and add/edit/delete posts using via the web. No more posting via command line. I'm gonna work on image management and paging (or maybe infinite scrolling) next.

I'm still getting the hang of PHP. I'm finding a lot of similarities to ColdFusion, which was my jam for a decade starting around 1999. In fact, I haven't yet found anything "better" about PHP, compared to ColdFusion (from a decade ago), except that it is free and much more widely used. In many ways, ColdFusion then (much less now, which I haven't really looked into) was better than PHP is now. (To name a few ways: error handling, Application.cfm, shared variable scopes, CFCACHE.)

My next project is pulling my website off Squarespace and hosting it on my Lightsail box. I've been satisfied with Squarespace over the years-- it is just another fun project (plus it'll save me $80/year). I decided to do a slight redesign as part of that switchover. On this project I've learned more Bootstrap than PHP. I'm 90% done at this point-- I mostly just have to figure out when to switch everything over. My current setup is a bit convoluted: the domain is registered with Squarespace and my website is hosted there but I'm using Google for DNS resolution because I have Google Apps for that domain.. I'll figure something out.

Apr 19th, 2020