This Site

My dad's work on his site inspired me to resurrect my site. I hadn't done any non-primary-employment-related web development in a long time. I wanted to do this "right". For me, that means:


This site is very simple. It may grow, but I'm not envisioning anything particularly complex. So simple is the name of the game. Also, I want widely-distributed tools that will stick around and for which there are lots of resources. Given that, I'm going with:

git and GitHub was an easy decision. I use git at work and it is widely used. My repository includes not just the web content, but also build/configuration and deployment scripts. I picked GitHub simply because I'm familiar with their name and I've tinkered with them before.

Bootstrap and JQuery seemed like obvious choices. They're popular and easy to use. As an added bonus, I've used (and continue to use) them in my professional life.

PHP was a more difficult choice. It is very widespread and simple, but I've never used it. Major factors in deciding to use it are that it is easy to get up-and-running and my father uses it on his site.

I'm a Linux/Unix/Mac guy, so Linux was the obvious OS. I ended up going with Amazon Lightsail after briefly toying with serving static pages from S3. I got that working but I didn't like running it through CloudFront and I decided to opt for the flexibility of dynamic server-side content. Lightsail is the right price ($3.50/month) and I'm already familiar with AWS' offerings.